I despise blank pages, and I would love to write on a typewriter so that the blinking of the mouse on a dead white screen would be out of sight and out of mind. I don’t own a typewriter (yet!) and although I do love putting pen to paper my hands can only endure ‘so much’ before giving up and cramping, so back to the dead white screen, the clicketyclap of my keyboard and the deathly silence of no words coming out of my mind through my fingers unto the so-called page. Makes me cringe and curse myself… then suddenly something flows out, unexpectedly and suddenly… these are the moments I am hoping to capture here. I’ve never done much blogging… I used to have a website where I would post my newest short stories but after being published it was taken down… not necessarily by my own motivations but such is the way of the world!


You’re welcome! please come again.